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About Veea

Founded in 2014 on the belief that technology should be an equalizer - that it is a right, not a privilege - and should never be a burden.

In our ever-connected world, our innovative Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) stands out by connecting everyone and everything intelligently, supporting a number of smart verticals beyond smart retail - from Smart Cities to Smart Healthcare.

Our Subsidiaries

Veea Systems Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Veea Inc., offers a range of indoor and outdoor VeeaHub products and platform services for Smart Retail, Smart Transportation, Smart Buildings, Smart Campuses, Smart Factories, Smart Healthcare, Smart Cities and literally any other Smart application.

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VeeaHub is an intelligent Linux edge server with a first-in-class unified wireless and wired computing mesh (“vMesh”) that supports all commonly used wireless communications protocols. VeeaHub platform has advanced edge computing by bringing together state-of-the-art communications and virtualized application environments running in Docker containers, creating a hyper-converged distributed edge with a price-performance advantage for Internet of Things (“IoT”) applications.

VeeaHub's powerful embedded server can run software applications dynamically at businesses locations and/or in the Cloud while providing for 4G data failover services, LAN router/firewall and VPN services, IoT gateway services and firewall, and bluetooth beacon supporting applications such as private and guest WiFi with an enterprise-class AP, music and video streaming applications, proximal marketing, multi-room PA system, multi-site video training services, private secure messaging, IoT automation services, indoor and outdoor positioning supporting footfall analytics, heat maps and dwell times, workforce management, machine learning and AI.

Veea Solutions Inc., another wholly owned subsidiary of Veea Inc., offers a suite of Smart Retail solutions including VeeaPOS Point of Sale (POS) applications, with its unique payment application to retailers, mobile vendors, service providers and hospitality venues along with a wide range of value-added services on a stand-alone basis or in combination with VeeaHub.

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VeeaPay payment services supports all major credit cards and methods of payments including contact, contactless and cardless payments such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Alipay and WeChat Pay while supporting highly unique mobile payments at competitive rates.

In order to maximize the ease of use of this smart retail platform, Veea Solutions has provided for Veea consumer app and VeeaConnect merchant app, for iOS and Android devices, as an end-to-end solution unlike any other mobile app platform solution in the marketplace.

Veea app helps consumers manage their lives more efficiently, while getting rewarded by their favorite merchants or service providers.

VeeaConnect app, covering over 350 million businesses across the globe, can help merchants engage and retain customers while running their businesses more efficiently with "always-on" connections to their customers supporting a range of new and innovative services supported by a dynamic real-time business profile along with hyper-local and social commerce marketing that augment the real world with seamless in- and out-of-store experiences.

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