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A platform that turns every connected object a touchpoint for communications, transactions and payments. Efficiently, cost-effectively, securely, seamlessly and instantaneously.

Today, we are all surrounded by many things that are called Smart that are enabled by more computing and communications capabilities than ever before. Nearly everyone has a Smartphone, some people have Smart homes, which are connected to Smart grids. Smart objects now range from street lights, watches, thermostats, medicines to even liquor bottles.

The degree of intelligence and the abilities of a Smart device can be revealed once connected to a network through software applications that can query the functions and abilities of connected Smart devices and their permitted uses. A network that supports Smart devices is called a Smart network and along with its applications and computing capabilities is generally referred to as the Internet of Things (“IoT”). Examples of such Smart networks are Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Transportation, Smart Healthcare and Smart Retail.

Veea Inc. has developed a Smart platform that is capable of delivering a wide range of new and exciting services that intelligently connect everyone and everything, that is IoT-enabled, while making it possible for commercial and social connections through its platform to offer more contextual, transactional and relevant data.

Easy to use

We know that running a business is hard so we are here to make your life easier, not harder. Our products are designed to be easy to set up and easy to use.

Fully Integrated

Our products are designed not only to complement each other but also to fully integrate with your business.


From creating and pushing deals and promotions to your customers to giving them complimentary Wi-Fi, from payments to staff management, we have you covered.

Pioneering the Edge Revolution.

See how Veea's revolutionary vMesh solution is leading the Edge Computing revolution.

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Everyone and everything connected, intelligently. Our hardware and software services are designed to bring your business, your staff and your customers together and provide a consistent, integrated and easy to use platform that covers everything your business requires - Guest WiFi, IoT automation, mobile payments, smart hospitality, real-time staff management and more.

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