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Mobile Apps

Your business in your hands.

VeeaConnect allows you to connect with your customers with ease. With staff management, payment services, promotion and deals management as well as your product catalog, everything you need is now in one app. VeeaConnect is available on iOS and Android.

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Connect & Inform

Get not only real-time feedback and questions. Create promotions and deals, royalty programmes and alert them of upcoming events and changes.

Staff Management

VeeaConnect lets communication with your staff easier: no more jumping from text to messenger to call to confirm shifts.

Targeted Marketing

VeeaConnect comes with SmartTargeting, which pushes your deals, promotions, events and other content to potential customers intelligently.

Payments made easy.

VeeaConnect, coupled with VeeaPay, allows you to process payments easily using your device and our vCube payment terminal.

Connect with your community We’ll get your business in front of the curious crowd that uses our Veea app. Connect with your community, get real-time feedback from customers and build an authentic, loyal fan base. Having a snow day? Shutting down to fix a leak? Your dynamic profile lets your customers know what’s up.
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Claim and customize your business profile on Veea.

Create promotions and deals.

Alert your customers on upcoming events.

Take and manage reservations.

Payments made easy. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. VeeaPay has everything you need to accept on-the-go card and mobile payments with a simple standard rate. With our PCI compliant and EMV-enabled hardware supporting Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, you will be prepared for the future.
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Accept all major cards as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.

Easy setup and onboarding.

Fast deposits and chargeback assistance. Live customer support.

Competitive rates and no minimum term contracts.

Sync with and manage your team. No more jumping from text to messenger to call to confirm shifts. Team Chat lets you do it all from the comfort of one handy app. VeeaConnect also allows you to manage multiple stores and organizations and assign each team member different permissions.
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Claim and manage multiple stores.

Reach your team using Team Chat.

Setup and manage independent organizations.

Set different permissions for each staff member.