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Mobile Apps

Smarter payments - and beyond.

Anywhere, anytime way to safely and securely accept payments and more.

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No commitments.

No long term commitments or contracts.

Mobile Payments.

Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.

Save more.

Highly competitive rates and no hidden fees.

Get paid more. Enjoy a 2.0% rate - one of the lowest in the industry - for your first month. Afterwards, it's only 2.5% per dip, swipe and tap when you use our mobile card reader. Plus, there are no monthly fees, hidden fees or charges.
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per dip, tap and swipe.
For your first month. Only 2.5% afterwards.
3.2% + 15ยข
per keyed-in transaction.
Applies to our Virtual Terminal
2.0% transaction rate applies only for newly signed, first-time VeeaPay merchants performing transactions using vCube - our mobile card reader - during their first 30 days. Standard transaction rate per dip, swipe and tap using vCube is 2.5%.

Anytime, anywhere. With our mobile card reader, you can take payments anytime, anywhere. Use our mobile card reader and our merchant app for fast, secure transactions. Or, use our Virtual Terminal from any web browser for keyed-in transactions - perfect for over-the-phone or reccuring payments.
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With our mobile card reader and merchant app, you can dip, swipe and tap cards wherever you are. It's fast, easy and secure.
On any computer →
Use any computer to log into our Virtual Terminal for keyed-in transactions - perfect for over-the-phone orders and recurring payments.

Accept more. VeeaPay accepts all major credit cards as well as mobile and cardless payments systems such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, AliPay and WeChat Pay.

Services that power your business. VeeaPay is more than just payments. From recurring payments to customer directory to exporting your transactions, we provide services that helps your business grow.
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Live phone and e-mail support.

Fast deposits in just 1-2 business days.

Simple setup and onboarding.

PCI Compliant secure service.

Key-in transactions using our Virtual Terminal.

View and edit your Customer Directory.

View invoices and reccuring payments.

View and export transaction history.

Get started today. Ready to make the switch? Getting started with VeeaPay is simple, fast and free - and there are no long-term commitment or contracts.
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