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Mobile Apps

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Mobile Apps

A Smarter Point-of-Sale Solution.

VeeaPOS is an integrated all-in-one POS platform that supports both small merchants who require just a full-featured POS solution and retailers who require an omnichannel solution.

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Better operations VeeaPOS is designed to make your job easier - from employee management to business intelligence, VeeaPOS is there to help your business grow.

Easy & fast transactions

Give your business a rapid, easy-to-use quick service register you can rely on.

Employee Management

Set Employee Schedules, monitor time clock, and more.

Multi-location support

Allows you to deploy and manage multiple locations quickly, seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Business Intelligence

VeeaPOS gives you clear, detailed data and real time reports that you can access anywhere.

Fast employee training

Get your staff up to speed in no time and with our intuitive interface that’s easy to learn.

Everything included

VeeaPOS provides all the premium, affordable POS hardware your business will ever require.

Ommi-channel support

Create a truly omni-channel customer experience by enabling effective online and in-store integration.

Mobile Payments

Accept payments anywhere in the store, at the table or on the road.

Better customer experience Serve your customers better - improve service and experiences easily.

Excellent table service

Equip your servers with mobile devices to improve order accuracy and speed up the process.

Loyalty Program Support

A fully customized experience allows you to tailor marketing and promotions to customers based on their preferences.

Easy bookings

Manages reservations and send an alert to your customer when their table is ready.

Customer facing screen

Use a customer facing screen to inform about upcoming deals or feedback on your service.