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Mobile Apps

Designed for the harshest of environments.

Industry-grade IP-67 enclosure coupled with powerful hardware: offering the perfect platform for Smart Cities, Campuses, Stadiums and any other public places needed.

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Rugged, to the max.

IP65 Outdoor certification with operating temperatures between -45°C to 65°C.

Powerful Wi-Fi.

Enterprise class Wi-Fi APs for every type of application, indoors or out.


MicroSIM and MicroSD cards as well as Power-over-Ethernet support.

Rain or shine.

VeeaHub Pro Outdoor (VHH10) is designed to operate in the harshest of environments. With an industrial-grade IP67 ABS/Aluminium enclosure, you got the outdoors covered. VeeaHub Pro Outdoor can operate between -40°F to 149°F (-40°C to 65°C) so you don’t have to worry about the weather.

For the data-in-motion.

VeeaHub Pro Outdoor offers high-performance computing capability in the VeeaHub nodes to filter, screen, and analyze “data in motion.” An increasing range of new business insights, operational and policy decision making, revenue services for the public and private sectors, and city management solutions is based on data analytics derived from the network. Collection of real-world data, through sophisticated sensors, such as video, imaging, location, temperature, etc., create massive amounts of data with high costs of transport to the Cloud or resulting in lost data unless data is processed at the edge through a platform with VeeaHub capabilities.

  • Security & Public Safety
  • Intelligent Transportation & Logistics
  • Smart Traffic
  • Smart Resource Management
  • Government Communications
  • Connected Smart Healthcare

You are in control. You can control your VeeaHubs using Veea Control Center and VeeaHub Device Manager.

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