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Making work smarter.

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Connectivity on the move.

Smart Cities

Greener and smarter.

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Secure convenience.

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See how the VeeaHub platform can help you.

The VeeaHub platform is designed to be adaptable and expandable - capable of powering everything from controlling living room lights to powering Smart Cities to transforming how people transport. See how it can help you.
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Smart Signage

Promote with ease using VeeaHubs to control your signage.

Smart Malls

VeeaHub help you better serve customers with smart analytics, guest Wi-Fi and more.

Smart Superstores

Push deals & promotions and provide digital smart shelf labels using VeeaHubs.

Smart Bars

Provide guest Wi-Fi and live sports all while generating ad revenue.

Smart Hotels

Provide fast Wi-Fi, room automation, streaming audio and video and more.

Smart Stadiums

Get footfall statistics, signage control, indoor positioning and more.

Smart Popup Stores

Get fast analytics, inventory management and sales.

Smart Buildings

Provide indoor navigation, music streaming and public announcements and smart security solutions.

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