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Smart Stores

Making work smarter.

Smart Transportation

Connectivity on the move.

Smart Cities

Greener and smarter.

Smart Homes

Secure convenience.

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Smart Homes

Secure convenience - bringing your home to life.

Bring your home to life with smart, secure automations that provide convenience to you and your family - all while protecting your privacy. With the Edge technology, data no longer needs to leave your home.


Security Cameras

View and record camera footage from Control Center.

Smart Thermostats

Control the temperature remotely.

Smart Appliances

Communicate with the Internet-of-Things.

Smart Wi-Fi

Extended range with 4G fail-over for a non-interrupted internet experience.

Smart Lights

Control your lights remotely.

Smart Media

Stream videos and audio to your TV and Hi-Fi.

Provide entertainment.

Use your VeeaHub to power media applications such as audio/video streaming. Now you can use the power of Edge computing to store and play media much faster, with ease.

Provide convenience.

VeeaHub can interact with Smart Devices such as Smart Lights, Smart Locks and more - now you can turn off the lights and lock the front door and change the room temperature without having to lift no more than a finger. VeeaHub can also automate these devices for you - so you can always come to a warm home.

Provide security.

VeeaHub can interact with security devices such as motion sensors and cameras to provide additional security for your home - it can also send you event notifications if anything unexpected happens.

Meet the family. Meet the systems that makes Edge Computing a reality.