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Cellular 4G connections with automatic failover.

What is the VeeaHub technology?

VeeaHub overcomes the inadequacies of stand-alone wired, wireless and computing solutions with unique hybrid connectivity technologies that underpin a low-cost ultra-reliable platform based on edge computing and a mesh solution called vMesh.

VeeaHub is a transformational platform comprising intelligent wireless servers that can create a hybrid wireless and wired micro-cloud to support all commonly used forms of wireless communications. It also has the ability to run unique software applications on each VeeaHub node to complement or minimize your dependence on the Cloud.

This is a highly scalable platform that most economically substitutes for, or complements existing, Wi-Fi Access Point (APs) while providing for communications with a wide range of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (with an integrated Eddystone beacon) and communication protocols for sensors and devices supporting Internet of Things (IoT) at your premises as one highly integrated solution.

What is the Edge Computing?

Edge computing is your own “micro-cloud”. Edge computing represents the new era of computing: instead of relaying on third-party cloud services, you can now bring the power of the cloud to your house or business location(s). This “micro-cloud” can be used to speed things up all the while making your local network more secure, reliable with you in full control.
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Edge computing makes things faster. With edge computing, you can now connect all your devices to your VeeaHub which operates on the same network as you instead of a remote location that can be miles away. This reduces the latency and speeds things up considerably.
Edge computing makes things reliable. Instead of remote failure points, Veea’s vMesh powered networks are self-organizing and self-healing. This allows you to spend less time on maintanence and more time on experiences.
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Edge computing makes things secure. VeeaHubs come with industry-standard security measures, including but not limited to Firewall protection, Secure boot with TPM and intrusion detection - allowing you to concentrate on other things.
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Edge computing is the future. Everything from capturing video to facial recognition to machine learning with artificial intelligence can now be done locally instead of waiting for it to be sent to a remote location.

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