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Introducing vMesh.

The revolutionary networking technology from Veea.

Edge computing simplified with vMesh computing.

Upon installation, VeeaHubs create a high-performance, self-healing and self-organizing connected network automatically. VeeaHub overcomes the inadequacies of stand-alone wired, wireless and computing solutions with a unique hybrid connectivity technology that creates a unified wireless/wired and computing mesh called vMesh. With vMesh networking, communications take place from node to node, either as a wired or a wireless connection, and all the mesh nodes can cooperate in the distribution of data in the network. The lack of dependency on one node allows for every node to be optimally considered in the relay of information. Each node has the ability to self-configure, which enables dynamic distribution of workloads, particularly in the event that any node fails. This in turn contributes to fault-tolerance and reduced maintenance costs.

Upon activation of VeeaHub units that are installed at your home, office, shop, campus, factory or throughout the city, VeeaHub nodes instantaneously form a cluster of vMesh nodes that, with the application of our unique networking technologies, provide for a seamless communications fabric for all wireless and wired protocols that are supported on VeeaHubs. This unique capability permits your user and IoT devices to connect to your entire network with a single authentication, much in the same way your computing devices connect to resources on the web. vMesh also securely provides the required APIs (i.e., “hooks”) for those applications that take advantage of vMesh networking capabilities.

vMesh computing is highly efficient and reliable.

vMesh is based on a breakthrough transport agnostic network layer routing algorithm that significantly increases the number of hops within the Wi-Fi mesh while simultaneously extending the range of coverage for other wireless protocols, such as Bluetooth, 802.15.4-based Zigbee, Z-Wave, 6LoWPAN, Thread and others, that are supported by VeeaHub’s wireless modules. This unparalleled capability of vMesh allows you to easily extend your wireless coverage to provide for user device and IoT connectivity cost-effectively anywhere in your locations, without the need for significant amounts of new structured wiring or complex network management, which is a very common and costly requirement for most installations.

vMesh is easy to set up and manage.

Creating a mesh network with VeeaHubs and the vMesh technology is as easy as creating or selecting the network you want to create when you are setting up your Wi-Fi APs. You can now connect to and run your applications on a network of local VeeaHub servers, that communicate over vMesh network to user and IoT devices with a wide range of wireless and wired protocols, instead of connecting to a remote data center location that may be hundreds of miles away through a connection that may be limited in its speed of connection or its reliability. Such a distributed hyperconverged infrastructure offers the IT professionals the ability to define and pre-configure bundles of hardware and software, as pre- defined clusters, for rapid roll-out with the goal of minimizing compatibility issues, simplifying network management and maximizing network security through each network layer.

vMesh goes beyond local.

VeeaHub’s vMesh capability provides for an IoT device gateway to more readily secure, monitor, manage and communicate with IoT devices as opposed to current solutions that require adoption of heterogeneous compute architectures — integrating diverse engines such as CPUs, GPUs and DSPs through multiple single point solutions with different workloads, which can be complex and costly to deploy, maintain and manage while representing multiple points of failure with little or no redundancy. VeeaHub platform, supported by vMesh computing, also brings “future proofing” to such networks by allowing over-the-air software updates of VeeaHub device firmware and applications as well as for IoT device modules and any microservices running on them.

vMesh at a glance.

  • m-DNS based Service Discovery that extends to global discovery
  • Consensus based protocol for efficient configuration
  • Transport agnostic network layer routing with self healing and self organizing capabilities
  • Estimated Transmit Time routing metric ensures efficient routing in multi-MCS 802.11 network
  • IKEv2 / IPsec between VeeaHubs acting as border router (also referred to as Mesh Edge Nodes or MENs) for Vmesh and Cloud server WPA2-PSK / CCMP between VeeaHubs in the Vmesh
  • IPv4 NAT router with LAN/IoT firewall functionality
  • IPv6 private network for management services

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